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Colombia (Decaf)

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Columbia (Decaf): A medium-bodied coffee with notes of dried fruit sugars, milk chocolate and berries, this coffee is grown at 1,750 meters in Cundinamarca, located in the middle of Colombia's coffee-growing regions.

Once the coffee is picked and processed, it's decaffeinated in Colombia, rather than at a facility in another part of the world. No chemicals are used. The process allows for the extraction of 97% of the caffeine.

  • Region: Cundinamarca
  • Farm: Various farmers
  • Varietal(s): Castillo 95%, Caturra 3%, Colombia 2%
  • Process: Washed and Sugarcane Decaffeinated

All coffees are packaged in a heat-sealed, foil-lined bag equipped with a one-way degassing valve and zip-lock top, all of which help keep coffee fresher longer.