The Story of Mountain Ridge Coffee

When we set out to offer specialty coffee to our customers we determined that quality would be at the forefront of every decision.  From the selection of our single-origin beans to the roasting process we wanted to provide a quality selection of great coffee that people would tell their friends about.

The farms where our coffee beans are grown are personally known to our team and the roasting process takes place in a locally owned roastery just minutes from where we live.

When you purchase a bag of Mountain Ridge Coffee you are supporting generational family farms that take pride in their coffee. You also help provide a sustainable income for the individuals who work in the various stages necessary to grow, prepare and ship their coffee beans to our roaster here in the Midwest.
Our Guatemala Medium Roast coffee derives from a fourth-generation family farm situated in the Acatenango Valley.  This region is recognized as a producer of high-quality coffee.  With its natural sweetness and notes of chocolate and nuts this medium roast will appeal to a wide variety of palates.  For those who prefer a full-bodied taste with straight forward flavors our Guatemala Dark Roast is ideal.
If you prefer the lighter side of coffee, our Ethiopian Light Roast offers the perfect option.  Ethiopia is commonly known as the birthplace of coffee and has been exporting it since the 1600s.  No other country offers more varieties of coffee plants or a wider range of flavors.  If you enjoy fruity and floral notes over earthy, brighter over bolder, then our Ethiopian Light Roast will be a great choice.
Our Decaffeinated Colombian Medium Roast is grown on farms located in the middle of Colombia’s coffee growing region.  Once the coffee is harvested, it’s decaffeinated in Colombia rather than at a facility in another part of the world.  Unlike many decaf coffees, no chemicals are used in the process to remove the caffeine from our coffee.
All of our coffee is roasted in small batches with great care and attention given to the roasting process, resulting in fresh quality coffee every time.  And when it comes time to prepare your order we package your coffee in a heat sealed, foil-lined bag equipped with a one-way degassing valve and a zip-lock top.
As always, we offer free shipping for orders of 3 bags or more.  If you want to enjoy some great single-origin, expertly roasted coffee then check out these options at

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