Our Top Four Drip Coffee Brewers

I like to consider myself a frugal person. I don’t like paying for the extra bells and whistles if I don’t need them. When it comes to items that receive daily use, however, it’s worth taking some extra thought to make sure what you are purchasing will add value to your day. And if I’m being honest, when it comes to coffee I might compromise on wanting some of those nice features, because after all, it is coffee we are talking about.

For a regular coffee drinker, a coffee brewer is something that helps you start your day. No one wants to wake up to only be frustrated by your daily brew. Fiddling with a machine’s confusing settings, coffee leaking from the carafe, and the worst of all, gross coffee, are all factors we would like to avoid. Because we care about your morning routine, we did the research and reviewed the top five drip coffee brewers.

BEST OVERALL:  Breville BDC400BSS Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

Out of all the coffee brewers we researched this one stood taller than the rest. This brewer will produce quality coffee due to its regulated brew temperatures. Variable controls allow any home coffee barista to adjust flow rate to achieve varying strengths of coffee. A pre-infusion option also helps produce evenly saturated coffee grounds during the brewing process. All of these factors work together to yield a balanced, flavorful cup of coffee.

With only a button and a dial for custom brew settings, this coffee maker is easy to use. Also notable on this machine is a valve shutoff that avoids drippage from the filter after the carafe is removed. Build quality is top notch, although some have suggested purchasing the thermal carafe, as the glass carafe is a bit thin. During our research we found that world barista champion, James Hoffman, along with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA) gave their vote of approval on this machine. Overall, Breville really outdid themselves here.

FOR THE POUR-OVER ENTHUSIAST: Brim Pour-Over 8 Cup Coffee Maker



Here’s another SCAA certified option for the pour-over enthusiast who might want a break from standing over their Kalita Wave pouring water over and over and over. While not as programmable as the Breville, this machine is set up to keep the pour-over type flavor while eliminating some of the work involved. It also produces delicious coffee. This brewer isn’t set up for customization, but on the flip side, with one button, there is less to think about. We have not seen any complaints about the build quality other than the carafe being glass. While that wins points for aesthetics, we have not seen an option to replace the carafe in the case it breaks. Despite some flaws, this machine is a fit for the pour-over lover who wants simplicity and tasty coffee.

BEST BUDGET FRIENDLY OPTION: Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Here’s an option for the no-fuss, coffee is coffee type drinker. If it doesn’t matter to have the best tasting coffee during your morning commute, this Mr. Coffee coffee machine might just do the trick. With an on/off button, easy to see water level, small footprint, you won’t be fumbling around to fill your mug in the morning. The only complaint in the convenience arena is the inability to set a time for brewing. That means no waking up to the smell of an already brewed cup. At this price point you are just choosing to get the job done, and for many of us we don’t need to add any more variables to our day.


This machine is the perfect choice for the coffee drinker that doesn’t like to be tied down. Monday can be iced coffee day, Tuesday can be a regular black coffee day, Wednesday can be for tea, and by the time the weekend hits there is an option for a single cup serving to have coffee throughout the day. For some, the amount of buttons could be overwhelming. For others the potential is exciting. We have found the build quality to pose no red flags. This machine’s footprint will be larger than some of the others on this list, so make sure you have enough space on your counter. Overall, you can’t go wrong with an SCA certified machine, but make sure all of the options fit what you are looking for.

We hope this helps narrow your search. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions to this list. We would love to hear from you.

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