Five Coffee Cup Gift Ideas for Enthusiasts

That Perfect Coffee Cup

There’s delicious coffee and then there’s delicious coffee in the perfect cup. Some like a mug to be large and cozy, others prefer a sleek and simple style. There’s even a theory out there that the shape of a cup accentuates certain flavor characteristics over others. Point being, the cup from which you drink your coffee matters. Coffee cups can even hold sentimental value for some coffee drinkers.

The problem with coffee cups for coffee drinkers is that mugs, and cups for coffee are everywhere. They’re often cheap and gimmicky. Visit your local thrift store and you are sure to find some weird coffee mug for $0.50, buy four get one free! While it’s true that coffee drinkers often have a few odd mugs in their kitchen cabinet, very few have high quality, well crafted, coffee cups they love to drink out of every day. We are going to highlight a few phenomenal coffee cups for you to gift your coffee loving friend or perhaps even snag one for yourself!

Fellow Joey Double Wall Ceramic Coffee Mug

When it comes to coffee gear one company stands out as particularly eye-catching. That company is Fellow. Fellow blew the coffee pour over world away with their Stagg Kettle EKG. Well, they also have put out a line of coffee cups that will blow any coffee drinker away. Their Joey Double Wall Ceramic Coffee Mugs look sleek and clean. The thick ceramic makes adding a handle unnecessary which adds to the aesthetic. 8oz is the perfect size for those who like to enjoy their coffee slowly and attentively.

Follow Monty Milk Art Cup

Also from Fellow is the Monty Milk Art Cup. This cup would be suitable for lattes or filter coffee. This is our go-to gift for those who like to drink from a traditional cup in that minimalist, Nordic style. These cups are stackable if you purchase more than one. For those who have a coffee bar at home, these look great next to most any setup.


Another coffee cup that is worth mentioning is the Keepcup. I personally have owned numerous keepcups. These coffee cups were designed straight from the mind of a barista. This coffee cup is your perfect on-the-go coffee solution. The cork sleeve keeps your hand from burning. The glass cup itself leaves no undesirable flavors in the coffee, is thick enough to insulate and durable enough to withstand drops and hard bumps. They have a variety of colors, and slight variations, but if you’re stuck on which one to buy you can’t go wrong with the black lid with the traditional cork.

Japanese Yunomi Cups

Little known to the western coffee world is the beauty of Japanese tea cups, particularly yunomi cups. Often overlooked, or not even known about at all, these cups make great coffee cups. They insulate well, and the artwork put into these cups is unique. Most every house has at least some traditional coffee mugs. For the person who likes to try something different, something exotic and foreign, drinking from a yunomi tea cup might wet their whistle. Amazon has a few to choose from, but we particularly like these Japanese Sushi Yunomi Tea Cups 13.5 fl oz. Most Japanese tea cups are around 5 oz which can be a little small, but these are closer to the size of a typical coffee mug.

notNetutral Lino Mug

While some might like the exotic, Asian tea cups, others might want to stick to the traditional tried and true coffee mug with a handle. We particularly like notNeutral for all of their coffee drinkware, but specifically their set of 4 Lino coffee mugs add a unique flair to the traditional style. Another aspect of the Lino mugs are the color options available. While they lack an intriguing design as seen on the yunomi cups, they offer standout colors. One note about these cups is the consistent comments from users about how comfortable they are to hold.

We hope these few cups give you some options when figuring out the perfect coffee cup. Have any other suggestions? We would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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