Creative Ways to Keep Your Coffee Fresh

The smell of coffee. There’s nothing like it. I’ve met countless people who say they aren’t coffee drinkers but they love the smell. I used to be one of those people. In fact, I had a friend who would buy a container of Maxwell House just to open it up in her kitchen. She never brewed it up, and once the aromatics were gone she would use the coffee for composting. Have you ever smelled coffee that was freshly roasted, perhaps even one or two days after being packaged? There’s nothing quite like it. There’s a big difference between freshly roasted coffee and coffee that’s been exposed, oxidized, and therefore has lost its aromatic vibrancy.

Besides having the fragrance of fresh coffee grace your home, fresh coffee as you might have assumed, tastes much better than stale coffee. The full flavors of a recently roasted Guatemalan medium roast burst on your palate much more noticeably than when brewing and drinking coffee that’s been sitting on the grocery store shelf for a handful of months. And here’s a secret: more often than not, fresh coffee and stale coffee cost the same. So how do we make sure we consistently have fresh coffee dripping from our coffee machine in the morning?

The easiest way to have fresh coffee is to buy it fresh. Most grocery stores shelve coffee with roast dates that date back to 2, 3, and 4 months ago. Buying from stores that specialize in fresh coffee, like our coffee at Mountain Ridge Coffee for example, will ensure you are receiving coffee that is within one month of the roast date. Local coffee shops usually sell fresh coffee as well.

Besides buying recently roasted coffee, coffee storage is an overlooked, but perhaps one of the easiest ways to make sure your coffee is full of those delicious flavors every morning. Many coffee bags have one way valves to release the small amount of co2 that is produced from the coffee. If the coffee is kept in those bags for longer than a week, they risk losing the vibrant flavors we are all after.

Here are a few tips to make sure we are are drinking the best coffee we can, starting the morning out right. Afterall, at, that’s exactly what we are after.

This is what I use at home. It’s called an airtight storage canister. I provided a link below of a product from one my favorite coffee companies, Fellow.

Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister for Coffee & Food Storage

This coffee storage canister is the best way to “guard your goods” as they put it. What’s unique about this canister is that you can release all the oxygen with a press of a button. There is even a color indicator when all the oxygen has been released. They offer a variety of sizes and in my opinion, the Fallow Atmos Vacuum Canister looks great on any counter. Also, you can use this for other food products that you would like to keep fresh.

One other trend I have seen among coffee enthusiasts is dosing out coffee in glass jars or vials for each brewing session. This method is for the true coffee nerd (I use that term with endearment, I promise). Once you open your bag of coffee, fill each jar with the set amount of coffee you need for each brewing session. If you scoop your coffee, repeat the same amount of scoops for each jar. If you weigh out your coffee, do likewise. This allows you to save time in the morning, but more importantly, keep each dose of coffee sealed to keep freshness until it is used for brewing. Opening and closing whatever storage product you are using will allow oxygen in with the coffee at every use. Amazon carries these amber colored round glass containers that can work perfect for this purpose.

Vivaplex, Glass Jars with Inner Liners


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